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wild force and cyber judge booster set

      Released January 26th.

      This Pokemon double box set contains two exciting games: Wild Force and Cyber Judge.

        • Wild Force:

      Embark on a wild adventure with your favorite Pokemon creatures. Battle against fierce opponents and explore new territories to become the ultimate Pokemon trainer.

        • Cyber Judge:

      In this game, you'll enter the digital world of Cyber City to take on dangerous missions and battles. Use your strategic skills to defeat enemies and protect the city from destruction.

      With this double box set, you'll have twice as much fun playing with friends or challenging yourself solo.


      The Japanese Pokémon Card Scarlet & Violet Special Deck Set EX is a highly anticipated and collectible release that combines the fiery intensity of the Pokémon Sword and Shield video games with the beloved Pokémon Trading Card Game. This special deck set is a must-have for both seasoned collectors and competitive TCG players, offering a rich and engaging experience for all fans of the franchise.

      Key features of this special deck set include:

      1. Exclusive Promotional Cards: The Scarlet & Violet Special Deck Set EX includes exclusive promotional cards featuring popular Pokémon from the Galar region. These cards are often highly sought after by collectors due to their unique artwork and gameplay potential.

      2. Two Ready-to-Play Decks: Inside the set, you'll find two pre-constructed decks designed for competitive play. These decks are carefully balanced and offer a great starting point for new players or a way for experienced players to expand their collection.

      3. Stunning Card Artwork: The Pokémon TCG is known for its visually striking card artwork, and this set is no exception. The cards are adorned with vibrant and detailed illustrations that bring your favorite Pokémon to life in stunning fashion.

      4. Playmat and Accessories: In addition to the decks, the set includes a playmat featuring artwork from the Sword and Shield games, as well as damage counters and a coin to help you play and enjoy the game in style.

      5. Collector's Box: The special deck set is packaged in an attractive collector's box, which not only protects your cards but also serves as a display piece for your collection. The box is often adorned with special artwork related to the theme of the set.

      6. Code Cards: Some Pokémon TCG products include code cards that can be redeemed in the Pokémon TCG Online game. These code cards provide additional value for those who enjoy playing the online version of the game.

      The Pokémon Card Scarlet & Violet Special Deck Set EX offers an exciting combination of collectible cards and gameplay elements. Whether you're a collector looking to expand your collection or a player seeking powerful new decks, this set promises to deliver a fantastic Pokémon TCG experience. With its exclusive cards and accessories, it's sure to be a standout addition to any Pokémon fan's collection.


      Shipped on day before Release Day 

      Enhance your card game collection with One Piece TCG OP-07 The Future 500 Years From Now Booster Box. This booster box is a great addition to every collector's deck!

      • Exciting Gameplay Experience:

      The One Piece TCG OP-07 The Future 500 Years From Now Booster Box offers a captivating gameplay experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat with excitement.

      • Various Characters and Themes:

      This booster box features various characters and themes from the popular anime series, One Piece. With over 100 cards to collect, you can add new characters and themes to your collection.

      • A Great Gift Idea:

      The One Piece TCG OP-07 The Future 500 Years From Now Booster Box makes for an excellent gift idea for anime enthusiasts, card game collectors or anyone who loves an exciting gameplay experience.

      Scarlet & Violet Ancient Roar & Future Flash Booster Box Set

          Brand New Japanese pokemon double box set Ancient Roar & Future Flash. 

          Ancient Roar / Future Flash will both contain 66 cards + a currently unknown amount of secret rares.

          Contents -

          1 pack = 5 cards

          1 box = 30 packs.

          1 sealed case = 12 boxes. 


          Shipped on Release date of 5/3 , unless specifically notified different.

          Introducing the ultimate treasure trove for all One Piece enthusiasts: the One Piece EB-01 Memorial Booster Box in English! Dive into the Grand Line and embark on a thrilling journey with your favorite Straw Hat Pirates and iconic characters from the beloved manga and anime series.

          Each meticulously crafted booster box is a tribute to the rich legacy of One Piece, containing a curated selection of cards that celebrate memorable moments, epic battles, and beloved characters from the series. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the world of One Piece, this booster box promises an unforgettable experience filled with excitement and nostalgia.

          Inside, you'll discover a treasure trove of cards featuring stunning artwork, powerful abilities, and exclusive content that pays homage to the spirit of adventure that defines One Piece. From Luffy's indomitable spirit to Zoro's legendary swordsmanship, each card captures the essence of the series in stunning detail.

          Check Out the Card List 

          With the One Piece EB-01 Memorial Booster Box, you can relive your favorite moments from the series, build your ultimate deck, and engage in thrilling battles with friends and fellow fans. Unleash the power of the Straw Hat Pirates, navigate the treacherous waters of the Grand Line, and claim your place as the greatest pirate of them all!

          Don't miss your chance to own a piece of One Piece history. Order your One Piece EB-01 Memorial Booster Box today and set sail for adventure!

          Pokémon Classic Collectors Box 2023

              This Pokemon Classic Collectors Box will take you back to where it all started. 

              With the Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic, start from the beginning! Three 60-card decks including the original first partner Pokemon from the Pokemon TCG Base Set and classic cards from the lengthy history of the game are included in this classic collection. All of the cards are foil and playable right out of the box. Six new cards, including Suicune ex, Lugia ex, and Ho-Oh ex, are released in addition to the classic favorites. A foldable two-player game board, stacking damage counter cones, and a toolbox bag that keeps everything organized for your next battle are just a few of the high-quality gaming add-ons that can enhance your experience. With the Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic, start from the beginning! There are three 60-card decks in this classic collection, all of which feature the original first

              Each Pokémon Classic Collectors Box Contains:

              3 60-card decks starring Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise

              3 deck boxes

              3 sets of card sleeves 

              1 two-player game board

              1 toolbox case with randomizer

              2 sets of damage counter cones

              2 sets of condition markers

              Pokemon Card Detective Pikachu Returns promo 098/SV-P Scarlet & Violet Japanese

              This is a new Illustration Rare card that depicts Detective Pikachu riding on top of Growlithe's back.
              Pokémon Violet Ex Booster Box is a collectible card game product released by The Pokémon Company. It contains packs of trading cards featuring various Pokémon characters and game elements, including holo and rare cards. Players can use these cards to build decks and play against each other. The Booster Box is a convenient way to acquire multiple packs at once, making it a popular choice among players and collectors.

              The newest Japanese SV1V Pokemon Trading Card Game booster set is filled with original, sharp designs you won't find anywhere else - including four EX Pokemon, three AR Pokemon, and one SR or higher card - that are guaranteed to make your deck come alive. Whether you're building a collection or challenging opponents in a thrilling showdown, the Violet Ex Booster Box is perfect for advanced players. Get ready for unforgettable Pokemon battles and capture every moment with this incredible set!

              Pokemon Violet Ex Booster Box includes:

              • 30 booster packs, each with 5 cards
              • Chance to contain rare and holo cards
              • Cards featuring various Pokemon characters, abilities, and items
              • Designed for use in the Pokemon Trading Card Game
              • May contain cards from various Pokemon expansions

              Note: specifications may vary depending on the specific release and region.

              Released on 1/20/2022

              Fusion Strike Booster Box

              The Pokemon Fusion Strike Booster Box is a set of Pokemon trading cards that features unique and powerful Pokemon that have undergone fusion transformations. Each box contains 36 packs, with 10 cards per pack, for a total of 360 cards. Each pack includes at least one rare card and one guaranteed foil card. The set also includes new and exciting Trainer cards to enhance your Pokemon battles.

              The focus of the Fusion Strike Booster Box is on fused and transformed Pokemon, adding a new dimension to your Pokemon battles and collection. Whether you're a fan of the franchise or a collector, this box is sure to please with its combination of powerful Pokemon and exciting new cards. Whether you're looking to battle with your favorite Pokemon or simply add to your collection, the Fusion Strike Booster Box is a great choice.

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