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Snow Hazard & Clay Burst Booster Box

      Get ready for the ultimate Pokémon showdown! Snow Hazard and Clay Burst just got an epic upgrade, featuring Gym Leaders Grusha and Chien-Pao as the new mascots. Get your hands on Scarlet & Violet's legendary Treasure’s of Ruin with double the fun - Snow Hazard and Clay Burst feature an unforgettable matchup with Iono from Levincia Gym and Grusha from Glaseado Mountain! Become a Pokémon luminary with each set’s specialized features – electric type Pokèmon for Clay Burst and ice type Pokèmon for Snow Hazard. Challenge both Masters in intense duels to become one step closer to earning your Legendary Treasure. Will you take on the challenge?

      Snow Hazard & Clay Burst Specifications

      • Each Booster Box contains 30 Packs
      • Each Pack contains 5 Cards
      • New Set of Special Art Rares to chase


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